Learning To Accept Myself.


As you will be able to see this is my first post out there, so I thought I would just take the time to introduce myself, give you a little insight into my back story and why I decided to launch a blog, and also what you can expect to see here! 

I read so many blogs on a weekly basis, they are always my go-to for figuring out everything, even for things like caring for my new baby turtles when I got them and realized I had no idea what I was doing, and then I also spend most my screen time on Pinterest clicking links from pins to blogs and of course like many I have joked around at the idea of doing it and becoming a blogger since I was younger but I recently discovered that I had never invested my time and money into having my own blog because I was afraid of failure, it took me a while to accept it but I was embarrased at the thought that people who I know could be reading my content, and the thought of people judging me terrified me, but I think most of all I was afraid to put myself out there because I wasn’t yet comfortable with who I was, or better said I wasn’t accepting of who I am, but overtime and through the process of a lot of self-care may I add that has changed, and I have grown more confident, mentally stronger and most importantly I have learnt to love me for me. So lately I havent been able to stop wondering about would could be and then I realized that if I didnt take the risk and explore the path of blogging I was always going to end up coming back to those ‘what if’ questions. And cut to, here I am launching my website and posting my first article hoping that it wasn’t a waste of time and that my fears don’t become a reality! I guess my first message out there is, sometimes you have to take the risk to ever know if it was worth it, and if it doesn’t work out, not to look at it as failure but a learning curve thats guiding you through this crazy journey we call life.

 Now you know how I came to start my blog let me tell you a bit about myself, (I will make this a long story short, you guys aren’t reading this to be burdened with my life story) I am a 24-year-old psychology student, I recently started my own mobile beauty business called Boss Beauty, and last but not least I am diagnosed with BPD (hence the inspiration for the name Millies Madness, every day is eventful in some way in my life). Being diagnosed with BPD has also been a big inspiration for the blog as writing is so good for my mental health and serves as a great way to channel my energy. You will see overtime that I will cover a wide variety of topics and content on my blog including things like baking recipes and tips, or the best beauty products for your skin, mental health awareness articles, netflix reccomendations and so much more. But there will be a main focus on mental health, as its what I am most passionate about and I learn so much amazing stuff with my degree that I want to share, and to be honest I have had a tough time with my own mental health, I just want to be able to help someone else that might need it like I did.

To anyone taking the time to read this, thank you. It means so much to have the support that I do from my family, friends, and partner to pursue my dream of blogging, and of course, I would not be able to get anywhere without the support of readers like yourself!

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