TOP 5 Podcasts For Mental Health

Speaking as someone who is diagnosed with BPD alongside PTSD, coping with mental health difficulties can be really challenging.

I’m always trying to find new ways to distract myself, and help better my mental state in the long run, and recently podcasts have been my go-to thing, I use either Spotify or listen on my laptop depending on where I am but I must say I do prefer listening through headphones as I feel way more connected (especially on days where my mind is running wild).

I think in general it’s safe to say that it is nice to know you are not alone and hearing other people talk openly and honestly about it all can really help when your struggling. Below you can find a shortlist of my favorite trending podcasts that focus on mental health at the moment, they include humor, honesty, and real people talking about real experiences! 

1.Mental Illness Happy Hour –

With weekly uploads of new content online, I most enjoy this podcast with headphones but that might just be me. It is hosted by a comedian which I think helps give it a lighter touch, but they touch on subjects like addiction, depression and negative thinking, with a wide variety of interviews from all different people, they talk about real problems and help let you know you are not alone. 

2.WTF with Marc Maron –

Another weekly hosted podcast, my favorite thing about this podcast is that Marc doesn’t fake it, there are no pretending happy endings always happen, that things will go our way or that life is easy and he’s not afraid to ask all the questions we really want to know, there are some really interesting interviews on here with actors, comedians, directors and it gives a little insight to the human being behind the celeb masquerade. 

3. The Happiness Lab –

My favorite one to tune into at the moment. This podcast combines science, culture and history to give a different view on happiness and mental health. With a holistic approach on how to be happy, this podcast is truly inspiring and has so much great advice on working towards being happier. It definitely helped me shift my views on how to live my life, maybe it has the potential to help you too?

4.The Hilarious World Of Depression –

The name may give you a clue as to what this one about, and not that depression is a laughing matter but if you do struggle with depression like me then this hilarious podcast is definitely one to add to your list. With its unique episodes on openly talking about the dark days, personal experiences, they discuss which movies got depression right and everything in-between, there are some really interesting and helpful episodes out there.

5.Terrible, Thanks For Asking –

Despite the witty name, this podcast really gives you a feel that your struggles do not lie with you alone. Hosted by the wonderful Nora McInerny, it really touches on the subjects most viral podcasts are too afraid to discuss, asking people to talk about how they are really doing on the inside and in life. Each episode is different, from sad and traumatic stories to funny and inspirational ones its a really great listen, I connected with a lot of the stories helping me feel like if these people can cope, I too can cope.

Let me know your recommendations for any great podcasts in the comments section below! Follow me on Social media at Millie’s Madness on Instagram and Pinterest. And for more tips on how to cope with your mental health difficulties, check out my article on how to grow mentally stronger –


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