9 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

  • Eat Breakfast! – remember learning that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, it’s true,  making sure you are getting your morning fuel is crucial to being healthier, studies show that eating breakfast can help reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease and of course gives you the energy to get through the day! (Read here for more info on how breakfast can benefit you – https://www.rush.edu/news/why-you-should-eat-breakfast)

For some ideas on what to make for breakfast try the following link –https://www.loveandlemons.com/healthy-breakfast-ideas/

  • Drink lots of water – staying hydrated is key to a healthy body, it helps your skin, your body and your mind. drinking enough water helps carry nutrients and circulate oxigen in your cells and helps protect the organs, tissues and joints.
  • Practise self-care – for me this is crucial to leading a healthier life, practising self-care can be as simple as reading a few positive affirmations in the mirror once a week but is so powerful, taking the time out for yourself can help you relieve stress, it can work wonders when suffering emotional difficulties, and most importantly it makes you feel good!
  • Eat whole, real foods – everyone loves a visit to Mcdonalds or KFC every now and again and there’s nothing wrong with that, but including a range of whole real meals (unprocessed) in your day can improve your health and reduce symptoms of diabetes, heart disease and even cancer!
  • Daily walk – taking a brisk walk each day is something to include in your habits as many studies have researched all the benefits of a daily walk and it works wonders for your physical health and your mental health. It can help with joint problems or muscular pain, it helps reduce high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other conditions.
  • Meditate daily taking time out to meditate daily is beneficial in so many ways. It’s a great way to reduce levels of stress and anxiety, there is also research that shows it can also reduce age-related memory loss symptoms. It can help increase your quality of sleep and it definitely helps gain better mental discipline. 
  • Exercise – this may be an obvious one but no less important. Doing regular exercise is one of the best ways to keep a healthy body, with added benefits like reducing the risk of internal conditions like heart disease or diabetes it can also be a great way to reduce stress, it can improve your mood and give you the energy boost your body needs. 
  • Sleep well – getting enough sleep is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as without enough sleep our bodies and minds cannot function properly. Its also proven that having a regular sleep pattern can improve your immune system, strengthen your heart and even increase productivity. 


2 thoughts on “9 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life

  1. This is such a great and useful post. Thank yoy so much for sharing these amazing habits. Will definitely incorporate them in my lifestyle. Would love as well to hear your thoughts on my posts 🙂

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