9 Binge-Worthy Netflix Series

I love me a good afternoon of binge-worthy telly, if your anything like me then check out my list of Netflix shows to add to your list when you are looking for something to get gripped on!

It took me a while to select only 10 series considering there are about 40 I wanted to include but these 9 are my top recommendations for now… There will be more list to come!

The Ranch – now it took me few episodes to get hooked on this series, but when I did I literally watched nothing else for a couple weeks. It’s about a small town ranch it’s funny, sad, and moving. It an easy one to watch as well if you want something on in the background, There are loads of seasons too and they are bringing out new ones still so plenty to binge!

Ratched – this was trending for a reason when it came out, full of plot twists and drama it’s gripping from the very beginning all the way to the unexpected end, it gets pretty gruesome at times to be fair but it is so easy to binge I had to include it on this list. 

The Duchess – I totally loved this and finished it the same day, it made me actually laugh out loud which is a novelty for TV! The hilarious comedian Katherine Ryan is so funny in this series about her life and raising her daughter, it is fictional but written by Katherine herself so has put a lot of herself into and it paid off!

House Of Cards – If you are looking for something to really sink your teeth into, this is the one for you! This political drama is just brilliant, including enough scandal, romance, and unexpected storylines it so makes it binge-worthy! There are 6 seasons to get through but I think it’s a shame there weren’t more seasons!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – I’m not normally one to go for teenage witchy or vampire-like series as they’re not really my thing, but being a fan of the original Sabrina movie I thought I would try it, and I was not disappointed! It is cringy at times but so binge-worthy, I even got my boyfriend hooked on it!

Riverdale – Again, this is another cringe-filled teenage American high school-based drama but it does actually get really good, I initially put it on because I was fed up with scrolling through so many options and ended up hooked! Just when you think they can’t do anything else with it, they hit you with another wild closing scene that makes you just want to watch the next one! (plus there are so many seasons to waste some time on)

Atypical – This is a great watch, it is heartwarming and funny and really different from all the other stuff that’s out there at that moment. It follows the life of a teenage boy throughout various life events and the challenges that come with growing up when on the autism spectrum.

End of the f* world – Netflix did well when they put together this series based on the comic book by Charles Forsman, I think I have watched it 3 times already and am hoping they will bring out more. The dark twist it has that one of the main characters is pretty sure he’s a psychopath combined with the witty humor and dramatic events will definitely have you pressing the next episode button! 

Cobra Kai – Now I wasn’t a fan of the karate kid movies (yes I said it!) But I really got into the whole storyline when I ended up watching this because my boyfriend wanted to watch it, and now I find myself doing random karate chops with my headband around my face at any given moment! For the lovers of the film they have kept the original cast which is a bonus, but it’s also full of drama, action and even has its romances and is just an all-around well-made series!

Stay tuned for more content on what to watch! Leave me your thoughts on any you think should be on the list in the comments below!